Happy Fourth of July

July 5, 2018

The 4th of July

Like a lot of you, I proudly put out the American Flag yesterday morning to celebrate the 4th.  I have three – the one used on the house, the one that honored my father’s service in WWII at his funeral, and the one with only 48 stars from Dad’s brother’s service when he did not make it home from WWII.  I am named for him.

Like some of you (maybe), I chose to do a “home project” yesterday on the day off.  I began the process of turning the play room (since my youngest just turned 21, it has not been that for some time) into a work out room. My wife has been using it for that for years.  My idea is that if it truly appears to be one, I too may use it!

In assembling piles of toys and books to take to places where they can be used, I lingered over two cloth sacks of blocks, and then gently put them back into the closet.  When I was a kid and visited my grandmother, Dad would pull out a box of wooden blocks that his dad had made for him and his brothers.  The blocks were simply 2 X 4s cut into various lengths and varnished.  But, a good imagination could do wonders with the blocks for hours.

I had long ago forgotten about the blocks when I took my then 3 or 4 years old twins to my parents one Saturday. They will be 26 next week.  Dad pulled out a bag with the blocks I remembered.  Then he pulled out another bag with blocks he had made.  These were identical in number and in the sizes.  But, they were painted in the softest pastels of pink, yellow, blue, and green.  They were for my daughter – his only granddaughter.  My son and his twin sister should have the same per Dad.

Dad, being of the Greatest Generation, spoke in few words.  He used adages that I heard often to convey advice.  As I was working on the work out room two came to mind.  “Do your job.” “Be fair.”

These words work well for the best advice an employment lawyer can give a client, be the client an employer or employee.