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Social Media Bashing

Social Media Bashing – huh?


Lately I have advised a number of employers regarding the problem of former disgruntled employees posting disparaging comments on social media or review boards.   Usually the advice is to notify the former employee to remove the posts or face a defamation suit (assuming the post rises to that level).  Prospectively, a non-disparagement provision in an employment agreement may serve as a deterrent.

The increase in the number of times I’ve seen former employees bash their former employer is mindboggling to me. Why?   Do the former employees not think that someone, perhaps a potential new employer or a potential customer, may look and see those posts and think twice about hiring someone who would make such comments?   Do the former employees not think that once they get the reputation as posting disparaging comments, finding a job in that community may be tough?

Years ago there was game about the six degrees of connection to Kevin Bacon. In today’s world, the degrees of connection with social media is much less.  My advice to departing employees, no matter how mad they are, is to not post anything about the former employer.  Doing so may jeopardize any further ability to find jobs.

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