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Service You Can Count On

John Brem Smith (Jack) founded his Charlotte, North Carolina, employment/labor law and North Carolina workers’ compensation firm in 2004 with the strong belief that he could serve clients more effectively and efficiently than at the larger local and regional firms where he had practiced for 18 years. Mr. Smith wanted to create a firm in which he could carefully select and direct clients’ matters without the restrictive structure imposed by a large firm. Consequently, Smith Law Firm, P.C., clients receive highly personal contact with a seasoned employment law attorney and North Carolina workers compensation lawyer who has helped hundreds of employers and employees. Elizabeth Hilker joined the firm in 2015. In addition to the areas of law above, Elizabeth has also developed a practice helping employers and employees deal with unemployment issues, as well as representing employers before the North Carolina Industrial Commission in uninsured penalty hearings. Elizabeth speaks Spanish.

Clients benefit from our broad experience. Traditional thought is that an employment law attorney must represent either employers or employees, but never both. Yet corporate clients tell us time and again that employer lawyers who also represent employees bring balance and perspective to dealing with workplace issues. Similarly, individuals understand that they receive superior representation from attorneys with experience knowing how employers view troubling situations.

Further, by combining in one practice employment law and workers’ compensation, we are able to better serve individuals’ and businesses’ legal needs. More often than not, these areas are entwined, and an attorney with expertise in both provides better service to either an injured employee or an employer trying to deal with a workers’ compensation claim.

With this diverse background and our exceptional counseling skills, we are able to see problems from every point of view, provide superior analysis of every issue, and tailor the best strategy for each client, often without the expense of litigation. However, if litigation is required, we are able. Mr. Smith has tried over 50 jury trials and over 100 workers compensation cases before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Employment Law Guidance For Employees and Employers

Employees seek our counsel on employment contracts, contract negotiations, covenants not to compete, and severance packages. We also negotiate and litigate claims for discrimination,breach of contract, wrongful termination, and workers’ compensation.

Employers count on us to advise regarding employment contracts, employment policies, discipline issues, investigations upon complaints, and strategies for reducing workers compensation and discrimination claims. We also represent employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and both Federal and State Department of Labors, defend employers against workers’ compensation and discrimination claims, and handle union negotiations and union grievances.

Faced with the ever-changing challenges in the contemporary workplace, employers and employees can rely on our highly specialized employment and workers’ compensation law firm to devote itself to providing practical solutions to their problems.

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