Are you interested in resolving your dispute without litigation?

Mediation, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a way of resolving legal conflicts without litigation. Litigation is not always the best option in an employment dispute, and it certainly isn’t the only option. Mr. Smith is a NCDRC Certified Superior Court Mediator and District Court Arbitrator and a Panel Member of AAA for the Mediation of Employment Disputes. He often is asked to serve as a mediator by parties involved in employment law and workers’ compensation litigation, as well as those in pre-litigation negotiations. He also serves as a mediator in any type of civil litigation.

Mr. Smith has helped clients resolve employment disputes without the expense and time involved in litigation. He has extensive expertise in evaluating when a form of ADR is in the best interest of clients, and he routinely advises clients on the legal consequences of the terms and conditions of all ADR options. He also counsels employers on the best contract language for ensuring mediation and ADR are an option for dispute resolution.

Mr. Smith believes that, in his work as a mediator, he not only helps the parties involved but learns through each and every mediation ways to develop into a better attorney and counselor for his clients. 

Mr. Smith is now available to serve as a mediator throughout the entire state of North Carolina via ZOOM Video Conferencing.