Workers’ Compensation

Employers / Human Resources Directors

Has an employee been injured on the job? Does your workers’ compensation carrier or its attorney have no interest in how the workers’ comp claim effects the employment aspects?
As a workers’ compensation lawyer, Mr. Smith can evaluate a claim to assess its legitimacy and help determine compensation. He also helps create return-to-work policies to minimize ongoing compensation exposure.

Mr. Smith can handle every aspect of a workers’ compensation claim, relieving employers of the unnecessary burden of dealing with insurers and other attorneys. Mr. Smith has particular experience dealing with complex or contentious workers’ compensation claims.

Mr. Smith has defended employers in hundreds of workers’ compensation claims before the North Carolina Industrial Commission and the appellate courts. In 2006 he was lead counsel in a successful defense all the way to the North Carolina Supreme Court (Chambers v. Transit Management, 360 N.C. 609, 636 SE2d553 [2006]).

Additionally, Mr. Smith counsels employers about safety practices and employee policies that help reduce workers’ compensation claims.