Mediation For All

Mediation for all…

From Jack Smith:

I will be on a panel at a mediation continuing legal education seminar on March 22, 2019.  I am looking forward to hearing how other mediators deal with common issues that come up in mediation.  I am sure I will learn some new approaches and techniques; and, hope to share some of my own that work.

We have been mediating Civil, Workers Compensation, and EEOC charges in North Carolina since the early to mid- 1990s.  The programs are now fine tuned are very beneficial in helping litigants resolve their cases with going to trial.  I have been mediating as a mediator since 1996.  I venture to say I have probably mediated over 3500 matters since that time.

I have found that by serving as a mediator for other excellent attorneys, my skills in representing my clients have been enhanced.  I am excited about being on the panel and learning.