Read before you sign

Read before you sign…. And, maybe even consult an attorney


I reviewed an employment form this week that contained a confidentiality provision, a non-solicitation provision, and a covenant not to compete.  NC law governed.  In my opinion, the covenant was not enforceable in NC because he was way too broad and contained words like “indirectly” that the Courts tend to disfavor.  My performing such a review was certainly not usual.  How I got there, however, was….

A good friend called and said:  “My son just got his first real job.  He was at the house signing all kinds of paper work without reading anything and just putting his signature on page after page.  I ask him what all he was signing, and he said ‘just the usual stuff…’   I asked to look through it, and he allowed me to do so.  He has an agreement with a lot of restrictions on what he can do.  Would you mind looking over it for me?“

If I had a nickel for every time the above scenario played out, I would retire and head to some warm place where I could play golf 365 days of the year.  Don’t be my friend’s son.  Know what you are signing and if it  could be important let an attorney look it over.